Cycling: Can I lose weight by pedaling?

Cycling: Can I lose weight by pedaling?


  • Benefits of cycling
  • Lose weight on a bike ride
  • Precautionary measures



There are very few people in the world, especially women, who are satisfied with their figure. Modern food and cycling for weight loss pharmacological industry offer a lot of money that supposedly help to lose excess from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. However, in fact it turns out that all Thai pills, teas and other miracle drugs do not help to get rid of unloved kgs. Of course, you can go on a diet, good, they are described a great many. But after such hard restrictions, weight is gained twice as fast, and the benefit of a multi-day refusal of many dishes is doubtful. Usually, after trying all conceivable and unimaginable ways to remove the stomach or cellulite from the thighs, people come to a simple truth: you need to go in for sports.

But it is not so easy to pull yourself together and perform difficult exercises every day, breaking away from the usual business. Yes, and how much you need to wait for the result, sweating in the gym or at home on a gym mat! However, especially for those who are hard fitness at home to give a monotonous exercise, there is a great alternative – cycling for weight loss.

Benefits of cycling

We can skate on a bicycle since childhood. Many of us remember how Dad was first planted on a two-wheeled friend, as he taught to keep the steering wheel correctly, keep his balance and brake. But, the older we became, the less time we could spend cycling, and in vain! After all, this type of transport, if used properly, adds health at any age.




What is the benefit of cycling?

  • You can significantly strengthen the heart muscle. When scrolling pedals it begins to decline rapidly, respectively, it becomes more hardy.
  • Walking on a bicycle helps to get rid of stress, reducing and unwanted weight. The fresh air, the impossibility at this point to decide simmering problems, a steady flow of thoughts relaxes and energizes at the same time.
  • Cycling makes us breathe more deeply and intensively. Therefore, when we press the pedals, we not only make our stomach less, stabilize the weight, but we also train the lungs, helping them to become more resistant to various infections. Blood is enriched with oxygen, which the body needs to burn stored fat reserves. A special benefit in bike rides is for those who did not have time to give up cigarettes: their lungs are ventilated, getting rid of toxic cycling for weight loss compounds.
  • The bike helps to significantly improve the appearance of the thighs and buttocks. Only for this purpose it is necessary to be engaged in the given sports correctly and regularly. Constant scrolling of the pedals, especially in rough terrain, abounding in ups and downs, is an excellent way to lose weight and tighten the muscles of your legs.
  • Few people know that cycling is the prevention of varicose veins. The benefit is that the blood, flowing to the feet, actively circulates through the veins, nodes are reduced, stagnation is destroyed. If you regularly make similar walks, you can forget about varicose enlargement.
  • By the same principle, bicycling protects men from prostate adenoma: pouring to the pelvis, the blood circulates, destroying stagnant phenomena. In addition, modern men often also need to reduce weight and reduce the volume of stomach.
  • A two-wheeled bicycle trains our vestibular apparatus, which is necessary to improve the sense of balance.
  • This type of transport is useful for sight. We do not even imagine how many obstacles our eyes mechanically mark during the ride. This is a beautiful, properly organized training.


cycling for weight loss


Lose weight on a bike ride

An ugly belly and excess weight can be safely excluded from your life if you properly organize your bike trip. To do this, you need to set the goal to ride regularly and do not deviate from it. Specialists in beauty note that it is cycling that models hips, if it is to do it as it should.

How many times a week does it take to ride? The bigger, the better. To remove the belly, wrinkles on the sides and extra centimeters on the hips, it is better to do this daily

The optimal duration of a walk is a couple of hours. The first 40 minutes of the body is necessary for warming up, and only then begin to burn fat deposits. You can start with small distances in order not to overload the unprepared organism: the benefits of this will be cycling for weight loss  small. In the first few days 20-30 minutes are enough, then you can gradually increase the time of walking.

As with running, in cycling you can use interval training. In order to make the abdomen flat, and remove the weight, it is good to choose a straight and even section of the path and accelerate as far as possible. Intensively turn the pedals to consume as many calories as possible. It should be remembered that if for men optimal speed is high, then for women it is 15-20 kilometers per hour.

There is a myth that during physical exercises you can not drink water, although you want. This is not true. Liquid is necessary for the body, including, and in order for the stomach to leave, unwanted creases disappear. However, you can drink only non-carbonated plain water. If the liquid is sweet, it is better to refuse it.

Precautionary measures

Among the precautions can be identified the following:

  • Be sure to watch your pulse. The norm for a person who makes a bike trip is the frequency from 120 to 150 beats per minute. It is possible to measure the pulse both during and after skiing. If it is too frequent, the load should be reduced.
  • Since this kind of sport intensively uses the knee joints, it’s good if you warm them up before the trip: several rotating movements, squats are what you need for such a warm-up.
  • Adjust the seat and steering wheel so that you are really comfortable. Check the brakes: safety is never a problem.
  • When your stomach is full, do not drive. Weight will effectively go away if you ate at least an hour before the trip. After it, you should refrain from eating food for one hour.
  • Required comfortable shoes: ideally they are good quality sneakers.
  • It is not forgotten that a wide leg can wrap around a chain. Lightweight sportswear that fits tightly to the body is what you need.


benefits of cycling


And what about those who do not have too much time for cycling? There is an exit! You can ride a bicycle on business. This is an eco-friendly transport that does not require gasoline and is not afraid of traffic jams. To remove the stomach and reduce weight, go shopping daily, work, visit or in the kindergarten for the child (you can use a child seat) – is it not cycling for weight loss saving time and money?

Modern life places us behind computers, we wander in social networks and virtual worlds, often without noticing anything around. And it is so important sometimes to take a walk, feel the breeze on your face, remain alone with yourself and with your thoughts. This opportunity gives us walks on the “two-wheeled friend”, while reducing our weight and making the figure beautiful and fit, and the body is hardy and healthy! Rolling on a bicycle, we will be less sick and less nervous, we will find peace, harmony and work out ways of solving everyday problems.