Fitness after 30 years

Fitness after 30 years

Fitness – is the maintenance of not only physical health, but also psychoemotional balance. Get a charge of vivacity and good mood will help listen to the rhythmic music during training. Scientists from America confirmed the fact that such classes increase productivity by 15%, motivate to new achievements, both in sports and in other spheres of life.

It’s never too late to join the ranks of supporters of the right way of life. Even if you are a little over 30 – this is an ideal time to take care of your body and pay attention to health. When choosing the load, consider the characteristics of the physiological processes taking place in the formed organism. As young, cheerful and full of energy you did not seem, if the sport was absent earlier, then it will hardly be possible to become a great athlete. However, to bring the body into shape, to maintain health and improve the functioning of the organs is quite realistic.

sport after 30
Sport after 30


Sport is necessary at any age, the main thing is to correctly choose the type of classes and their intensity. Fitness after 30 helps to keep the body in shape, muscles in tone, and health at altitude. First of all, regular training will save you from extra pounds and centimeters, which are more and more settled on the waist and hips. This is due to the activation of metabolism, which slows down with age. Fullbody training will help to look attractive, confident and young regardless of age.

Fitness improves flexibility, plasticity and coordination. It strengthens muscles and develops joints, which helps to avoid serious problems in old age (for example, arthritis, arthrosis or osteoporosis). Improves blood circulation and blood supply to organs and the brain, which ensures that they are fed by oxygen and nutrients.

The use of sports after 30
The use of sports after 30

Favorably, lessons affect the respiratory system, which increases the flow of more oxygen into the blood. Cardiotonas train the heart muscle, reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart diseases.

General recommendations

Fitness after 30 has its own characteristics and rules, compliance with which will get the most benefit.

Honestly and sensibly analyze your physical condition and level of preparedness. This will help you choose the type of fitness and the optimal intensity. If you have not previously been involved in sports, then be prepared that the first training will be given with difficulty. Therefore, it is better to start with simpler programs. This will gradually develop strength and endurance, train the body and accustom it to a new way of life.

Be sure to consult a doctor. Often, people have problems that can be a contraindication to certain activities. Thus, heart disease is a barrier to cardio, and in diseases of the musculoskeletal system high-intensity training with a large amplitude of movements is not recommended.

Go in for sports
Go in for sports

Begin to work with the coach – he will make an individual program, taking into account the preparedness, well-being and aspirations. In addition, he will monitor the correctness of the exercises and correct if necessary.

Do not forget about food. Only a combination of healthy food and physical education will achieve maximum effect. Eliminate from the menu all harmful foods, alcohol and sweets. Eat every 2-3 hours in small portions, not forgetting about the right combination of products. It is also important to observe the water balance and provide the body with a full sleep, during which the synthesis of the hormone of youth – melatonin.

Do not pursue high intensity, choose the best sports for yourself. The main thing is that such training brought not only a practical result for physical health, but also a sense of satisfaction and pride in oneself.

Do not overdo it during training. Watch your feelings – they will tell you if the load is enough or you can make several more approaches.

Fitness for men after 30

In an effort to look beautiful and feel healthy, men do not lag behind women. Even after reaching the age of thirty, they tend to keep themselves in shape.

If you first decided to visit a gym or do sports at home, be prepared to face difficulties: low endurance, fatigue and muscle weakness. However, do not drop your hands, regular training and proper nutrition will help to ascend to a new stage of physical development.

The benefits of sports for men after 30
The benefits of sports for men after 30

For men over 30, a combination of power and cardio training is suitable. The first will be relieved from muscle flabbiness, weakness and self-doubt. With regular training and following the recommendations of the coach, you can form a beautiful relief, pump the biceps, chest and back.

Do not forget about the benefits of cardio. Intensive aerobic exercise will accelerate the metabolism and fat burning process, strengthen the heart muscle and improve blood circulation.

Static exercises, for example, yoga, can dilute the training process. Intricate poses and the need to keep the body in a certain position will improve concentration and coordination, allow you to feel every cell of the body and help you find balance.

Features of fitness for women who are over 30

Women of Balzac’s age are suitable for a variety of activities and their combination. To solve the global problem of beautiful ladies of all ages and generations – excess weight, use a combination of power loads and cardio. The best option will be pilates, yoga, classes on fitball or tai-bo.

The benefits of women in sports after 30
The benefits of women in sports after 30

The ideal exercise is swimming. This cardio and force load in one, which involves all the groups of muscles, improves blood circulation and breathing. Such exercises strengthen the joints and help maintain a beautiful posture.

Make the body flexible and plastic, and the movements will be graceful sports dances.

Fitness after 30 is a unique chance to keep the attraction and well-being. Properly selected load will reduce weight, improve flexibility and coordination, and also prolong youth.