How not to quit training (sport)?

How not to quit training (sport)?

Practically all sportsmen of this or that sport, at some point, asked themselves how to keep motivation for further training, how not to drop their regular training in the gym, after all, how to continue to do it, if you have not the strength left, no time, no desire, but the thought that something is wrong, do not give rest.

In this article, we will help you cope with negative thoughts that put an end to the sporting career, the career of a budding bodybuilder.

The reasons for throwing the gym

The most common reason for throwing sports (we will consider power sports mostly bodybuilding, but all the tips can be safely attributed to any other sporting activity), this lack of motivation or the desire to train caused by different reasons, each has its own, for example:

  • no money for a subscription to the gym
  • I do not understand my close relatives
  • You can only get pumped with chemistry ( steroids )
  • I can not lose weight, get rid of fat
  • I do not have the strengths
  • my muscles, how small were they
  • I’m just tired, I’m lazy

Many of their listed reasons, just excuse, not to go to the gym. It’s very simple, if a person wants to achieve something, he takes it and does it, or seeks to do it, if a person does not want, he is looking for an opportunity and reasons not to do so.

The athlete performs the exercise by pressing his feet at an angle
The athlete performs the exercise by pressing his feet at an angle

How not to quit sports and continue to train

Sweat, blood, pain, gain, progress, strength, mass, drying, relief, volume, rusty iron sound, protein, victory, defeat – all these words, one way or another, personify the life of an athlete and bodybuilding.

Everyone wants to win, progress in mass and strength, be better, but few are ready to go to the end, sacrifice their time, cause themselves deliberately muscular pain, monitor their diet, and much more. This is what sets the champion apart from the champion, if you are ready to endure all this, these Spartan conditions, then you can achieve heights in bodybuilding, if not, then let’s be frank, this sport is not for you.

But this article was written not to divide people into two parts, it was written that those few bodybuilders who chose this not an easy way, followed them to the end of their days, but also did not forget, of course, to harmoniously develop their reasonable component.

After several years of training the athlete understands that he does not grow anymore, he does not progress, he does not bring pleasure from iron anymore, and the person simply gives up, starts to leave for the family, to work and finally simply forgets what a gym is.

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Why it happens, why those people who have achieved not bad results in bodybuilding, begin to retreat, and yet when they were strong, confident in their abilities, rejoiced at every hard training.

Everything is very simple, overtraining, not proper nutrition and recovery, not proper training, lack of competition in the gym, and of course the lack of support and understanding of your relatives and friends as a bodybuilder.

The athlete motivates another athlete to perform heavy repetitions with a dumbbell
The athlete motivates another athlete to perform heavy repetitions with a dumbbell

Support and understanding

A person is first of all a person who must realize himself in life as he sees fit, and not as the society insists. So forget the attitude of people to bodybuilding, do and do, as you see fit. Second, you will not have an earthly life, therefore, go to your goal, your dream, no matter what, and no one.

Of course, it would be nice to explain to your family, all the advantages and merits of training in the gym.


Work is the main enemy of a bodybuilder, so find yourself a job where there is no physical labor, only intellectual. After all, the forces that you need to direct to the deadlift, bench presses lying, you can spend, carrying bags of potatoes. In this case, the use of pre-training complexes is mandatory, because they very quickly focus the athlete on hard work in the gym.


Find a room where bodybuilders are engaged, who will support you in every difficult approach, who will say “more”, “give more” in every hard repetition, and of course it’s always good when there will be a competition in the gym that will be always generate in you a craving for self-improvement day in and day out, spur on you sport aggression, all this can lead you to a fundamentally new level of physical fitness.


Reusable, balanced nutrition should be an integral part of your life, and do not forget about sports supplements. We are what we eat, so it is very important to monitor your menu. Poor, protein-poor, micro and macro elements will play a cruel joke with you, despite proper training, the synthesis of proteins in your body can not start, due to the lack of “fuel.”

Meat, seafood, fish, eggs, milk
Meat, seafood, fish, eggs, milk


One of the most popular things that breaks down the motivation for classes in the gym. Therefore, you should always clearly imagine how many approaches and repetitions to do in the exercises, how much to relax between the approaches, what exercises to do for this or that muscle group, for maximum muscle growth, and, of course, choose the optimal rest between trainings. Look for answers, to all these important questions for the bodybuilder, in this section.


A very important thing when it comes to muscle growth and the growth of the functional capabilities of the body. For example, to muscular growth, she needs rest, that is, to create comfortable conditions for muscle growth, at least a full sleep of 8-10 hours and a balanced diet (ideally 50-60% of high-quality proteins, 30-40% of carbohydrates are mostly complex, and 10- 20% of unsaturated fats, while proteins try to consume high biological value, for example from whey protein, as well as vitamins and minerals in addition to sports nutrition, due to the fact that the need for them in active sports increases).

Sad girl in the gym
Sad girl in the gym

In addition, to accelerate the recovery process, you can use a massage, which will relieve tension and relax the muscles after a hard training (all professional bodybuilders use it as an indispensable element in their training, almost everyone has a personal masseuse ).

That’s how briefly we went over all the main points in bodybuilding, which must be taken into account when training in the gym. Often, ignoring them, the athlete accumulates fatigue, both mental and psychological, hence the appearance of negative thoughts about the retirement of their sport, the throwing of training.

Steel temperament, self-confidence and strength, a magnificent body, all this brings bodybuilding, but it requires a huge amount of effort from yourself. If you are willing to sacrifice those who you are now, what would become what you wake up, then bodybuilding is just for you!

And yet, when answering the question of how not to give up bodybuilding, I would like to ask you a question – did you do everything from what was written above.

After going from a beginner to a professional athlete, feeling all the hardships of this heavy sport, victory and defeat, you will be absolutely clear that it’s impossible to quit this sport!