How to choose a sports nutrition?

How to choose a sports nutrition?

Many people still do not understand what sports nutrition is, how to choose it correctly, how it works on the human body, what additives there are, how they differ from each other, and much more, let’s deal with these important issues for athletes in order.

Sports nutrition is not a drug, a potent drug, an anabolic steroid, and other nonsense, which is now fairly successfully distributed on the Internet, in social circles. Almost always, these kinds of rumors are not spread by people who never engaged in the gym, or vice versa, they were engaged for a while, but no success was achieved and they neglected training.

The prevailing opinion about sports nutrition, such ” drivel ” in all senses of this word, puts a person in a comfortable position for his psyche, that is, the easiest way to equate a sportspion to chemistry ( steroids ), and citing this fact to justify his laziness, his ugly body, and so on, because it’s hard for a person to accept the fact that he’s just a lazy, fat “piece of fat,” as rude it would not sound.

Types and purposes of sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is a nutritional supplement to the athlete’s basic diet, which helps to restore the strengths spent in training, build muscle and strength, burn excess weight, help concentrate on training, improve immunity, strengthen ligaments and tendons, in general give what the person has earned by exercising in the gym or anywhere else.

Without a full-fledged, balanced diet and recovery, the result can be forgotten in sports, despite the reception of quality sports supplements and correctly formulated training.

We list the most basic, common sports supplements that you can meet on the shelves of sports nutrition stores in your own city or on the Internet.


Protein provides a positive nitrogen balance in the body, thanks to which, in principle, muscle growth is possible.High-protein mixtures obtained from milk, the quality of the protein directly depends on the method of its production.

Protein Matrix with chocolate flavor
Protein Matrix with chocolate flavor

Without enough protein (protein), muscle growth is not possible. Therefore, for any athlete, this sports supplement is recommended as a means of increasing muscle mass with adequate strength training in the gym.


Protein-carbohydrate mixture, the drink is recommended to people of lean structure (expressed ectomorphs ), those who find it difficult to gain weight. Well restores the energy reserves that were spent in training.

Gainer Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Chocolate 2720g
Gainer Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Chocolate 2720g

Due to the high caloric content of the geyner, it is contraindicated for people who want to get rid of fat.

Amino acids

The same protein, only already split into amino acids, is very quickly absorbed into the blood. The main minus of amino acids in free form is the high cost, if you look at the composition, then in one tablet contains 3-4 grams of protein, it is not difficult to count how much everything will be protein and compare with the usual can of protein.

Universal Nutrition Amino 1900 (300 tab.)
Universal Nutrition Amino 1900 (300 tab.)

Therefore, it is more expedient, it is more economical to buy an ordinary, complex protein in banks, of course, if your budget allows them to buy, then boldly acquire, because it is more convenient and effective.


Irreplaceable amino acids with branched chains ( leucineisoleucinevaline ). Our muscles consist of proteins (amino acids), of about 35% account for the bcaa amino acids. In addition, these three non-interchangeable amino acids have an anti-catabolic effect, which the musculature is exposed to during and after exercise.

Amino acids from BSN
Amino acids from BSN

Therefore, bcaa can be used both before, and on time and after training in the gym. It is also recommended to use bcaa to recover as soon as possible after a heavy training. However, the high cost of these amino acids does not make it as popular as protein.


Non-replaceable acid, athletes are used as a nitrogen donor (vasodilator action, which gives “pump”, the effect of pumping muscles).

Arginine & Citrulline 120 capsules
Arginine & Citrulline 120 capsules

In addition, bodybuilding is used this supplement for the purpose of early recovery, healing of microtrauma muscles obtained during training, as well as for the removal of toxins from the body and stimulation of the production of growth hormone.

To date, disputes about the real efficacy of arginine in sports have not been abated yet.


Conventionally indispensable amino acid, which consists of muscle by 60%, which is why it is so popular in bodybuilding, for building muscle mass.

Glutamine in sports nutrition
Glutamine in sports nutrition

In addition, glutamine reduces the release of cortisol, which destroys the muscles, strengthens the immune system (on days of active training, when the body becomes ill, the level of glutamine in the blood inevitably falls).

Testosterone boosters

Correct the level of sex hormones, help to increase libido, increase muscle mass and strength. The main effect is due to stimulation of the secretion of the male sex hormone testosterone.

Jar of testosterone booster 90 capsules
Jar of testosterone booster 90 capsules

This supplement is popular among athletes of age categories (after 30 years), when the level of their own testosterone decreases, as well as among the athletes of the ” chemists ” who successfully apply it for a competent exit from the course (prevention of the “retracement phenomenon”).

Fat Burners

A sports supplement that acts to accelerate metabolism, suppresses appetite, reduces absorption of fats and carbohydrates from the digestive tract.

The most effective among them thermogenics (increase energy costs to the body, suppress the appetite, which ultimately leads to fat burning), which can not be said about lipotropics, which are designed to accelerate the metabolism, thereby actively burning excess weight (90% of them in practice does not work).

In addition, there are supplements blocking calories or nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract.


Nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid is deposited mainly in the muscles in the form of creatine phosphate. It is designed to increase strength and muscle mass, directly involved in energy metabolism of cells. The body spends creatine (first 10-20 seconds of work) and glycogen during strength training, so taking this supplement is very advisable especially for power sports.

Jar of creatine monohydrate
Jar of creatine monohydrate

The best reception of creatine, immediately after training, and also the next morning, along with juice or another sweet drink, in order for the sugar level to jump, insulin was released, and delivered creatine to the right place.

Pre-training complexes

Stimulators of the central nervous system, help to conduct training more vigorously, often with the use of this additive, there is a “pampa” effect, an increase in endurance and restoring ability of muscles. In the structure of manufacturers very often include:

  • Arginine
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Caffeine
  • bible
  • Beta-alanine
  • Creatine
Mesomorph from APS
Mesomorph from APS

This supplement is not recommended for admission to people who suffer from heart failure, have problems with blood pressure.

Vitamin and mineral complexes

Protect the body of an athlete from various viruses, when after training immunity weakens, and strengthen ligaments, tendons, support the general condition of the athlete. It is better to buy pharmacy complexes, as their quality will be much higher, but it is worth remembering that you will simply add excess vitamins to the toilet bowl.

The best sports nutrition firms

Before giving preference to this or that brand of sports nutrition, it is necessary to adhere to the basic principles when choosing it:

  1. producer (foreign supplements are much better and more reliable, but their price is much higher than that of the domestic sports nutrition)
  2. price (depending on your financial situation, choose a suitable supplement, but it is worth remembering that there are brands that are not justified with inflated prices, for example, MuscleTech)
  3. reviews on the Internet (before buying, check out the real comments of people who have already tried your chosen add-on, so that money does not go to the wind)
  4. purpose (you need to clearly know what you want, get from supplements, fat burning / increase in strength / weight and so on)
  5. composition (read carefully the composition of the product, from which ingredients the additive is composed, if it is a protein, how many in one portion of protein and what amino acids, if it is a pre-training complex, then what substances are pumped muscles, stimulation, etc.)
Sports nutrition brands
Sports nutrition brands

Some of the best and proven manufacturers of sports nutrition, which in the first place need to pay attention when buying additives:

  • Universal Nutrition
  • Ultimate Nutrition
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • BSN
  • Weider
  • BioTech USA
  • Dymatize Nutrition
  • Syntrax (USA)

Also remember that many well-known magazines like flex, advertise a certain brand of sports nutrition and position it as the best in the world, do not believe it’s just advertising, who will pay more, then it will be advertised. Of course, American sports nutrition is the most high-quality and proven product, but it’s just an additive to the basic diet, so do not make it a miracle powder for muscle building, strength and endurance.

What do you need sports nutrition for?

As already mentioned above, each additive affects one or another parameter of increasing strength, endurance, muscle mass, restoring ability, someone in the larger, someone to a lesser extent.

In general, they all actively help the athlete to improve the results of his physical training, regardless of the sport (who that trains, it will increase, increase in size). For example, a swimmer, with the intake of creatine, will increase the speed at the weeding of short distances, and the bodybuilder’s strength in the exercises.

At present, the role of sports nutrition in the training of an athlete is very much exceeded. Many still do not understand that the success of a bodybuilder (or another athlete) depends not on sports nutrition, but on proper training, balanced nutrition and full recovery.