How to pump the relief back

How to pump the relief back

The relief back is not only beautiful, but also sexy. When meeting a stranger, the woman’s gaze stops first of all, on the broad shoulders and chest. Looking at the man from the back, immediately you can appreciate his power and strength, on the relief back, under the clothes of which play the muscles. Strong muscular back is a guarantee of health. How to pump up the relief back, make it V-shaped, all for envy? Go in for sports, that’s the whole answer.

How to pump the relief back
How to pump the relief back

How to pump the relief back

There is no limit to human possibilities. Your dream is realizable, because you can pump the relief back in a few months. It is clear that once a bodybuilder you do not become, as people for years achieve their results. But to get a back, playing with muscles, every person can.

  • Train regularly. Choose the most optimal mode: twice a week. Do not miss classes, otherwise do not achieve the result.
  • Each exercise is preferably repeated 10 to 15 times. And at least three approaches. Between exercises, spend a little respite. Over time, the number of exercises will increase.
  • Train only with a warm-up. And stretch not only the muscles of the back, but also the muscles of the hands, feet and the press. Otherwise, you will have painful sensations. Inflammation of the back, just finish with stretching exercises.
  • It is desirable to choose several complexes for inflating muscles. Performing the same exercises from month to month, the body gets used and does not give the expected result. Change the complexes every 2-3 weeks.
  • Correct the nutrition, especially on days when you are practicing. Give preference to proteins, complex carbohydrates and vegetable fats.
Pumped relief back
Pumped relief back

What muscles of the back are involved in pumping

It is important to know that when you inflate your back muscles, you need to use all available muscles. Especially it concerns the broadest muscle, trapezius and large round muscle. Pumping one or two muscles will not be possible to have a beautiful back.

The widest muscle of the back is like a triangle and, under the right physical exertion, makes a V-shaped back. Thanks to it we breathe, bend and unbend the shoulder joint.

The trapezius muscle is responsible for raising and lowering the blades, bringing them closer to the spine and allowing you to move your shoulders. Broad shoulders – one of the merits of the trapezius muscle.

A large round muscle raises and lowers hands, turns the shoulder joint inwards.

Muscles of the back
Muscles of the back

How to pump the back muscles

The best and most effective method of inflating the back is a horizontal bar or crossbar. This pumping will suit people who are limited in time. Firstly, pulling up on the bar, all the muscles of the back, hands and the press areinvolved. During the rest, and it is necessary during triceps training, you can just hang on the crossbar, swinging from side to side. Such movements perfectly replace the stretching at the end of classes.

The more you do push-ups on the bar, the faster on the back will appear desired reliefs. But, do not overdo it, it is very easy to tear your back, especially if during training, you put the load on the peritoneum.

Exercises for the back
Exercises for the back

Exercises for back training

The best exercises for back are exercises on the bar. But this does not mean that you can only hang and pull on it. There is a whole set of exercises designed for such training.

  • Hook your hands on the bar of the bar, a bit of rocking from side to side. Pull the upper, thoracic part of the trunk up, the head should be above the level of the bar. Then lower your shoulders and drop down, your hands remain on the crossbar. We do this 10-15 times.
  • For more trained people, we increase the load a little. Position too, one leg is wound up for another in the knee area. We pull ourselves upwards, helping ourselves with one leg. We do 10-15 times. A little rest and change your leg.
  • In this exercise, both legs are pulled to the stomach and do push-ups. After repetitions we rest and continue on.

Exercises with dumbbells help to develop the dorsal muscles.

  • Become straight and take dumbbells in your hands. Tilt the body forward, inhale and then exhale, lift the dumbbells up, pressing them to the chest. Head looks straight. Breathe in again and lower your hands. We do 20 times.
  • Stand steadily, in the hands of dumbbells, lowered down. Raise your shoulders up, hold not a second and put them down. Repeat this exercise at least 20 times.
back training
Back training

If you train constantly, then your dream – a relief back, necessarily come true. The posture will be even, the back will become strong, and well-being is excellent.