Nutrition for the relief of muscles

Nutrition for the relief of muscles

The relief and dryness of the muscles is provided mainly by proper nutrition, a well-chosen diet, so it is important to know, and most importantly how to apply it in your competitive training in bodybuilding or fitness.

Many people want to have a beautiful, dried, embossed figure, but very few people understand the principles of building a quality, dry muscle mass, so it is necessary to understand, first of all, the issues related to a correct and balanced diet for drying.

How to achieve the relief of muscles?

Any exercises related to burdening are anaerobic, which means that our body uses carbohydrates instead of fats as an energy source, so it is practically impossible to lose weight from training with iron in the gym, on the contrary, only increase in size, due to the increase in muscle mass.

To make the body lose weight, it is necessary to use fat as an internal energy source. Fats areconsumed in our body when aerobic work is performed, that is, running, swimming, cycling, rowing, jumping, etc.

Thus, from training in the gym, a person will not lose weight, and at the same time running (aerobic training) in fact, is not an effective method of combating obesity. The fact is that aerobic exercises really burn fat, but this amount is so small that at the first breakfast we will return back all the calories consumed. So, for example, running in 30 minutes spends about 200 kcal, the same amount of calories contains half a pie with jam or a quarter of a chocolate bar. Therefore, it is much more correct and effective to lose weight with the help of a diet, thoughtful and competent nutrition.

Bodybuilder in the gym, pulls up
Bodybuilder in the gym, pulls up

On the Internet, there are various diets, there are even absurd, so do not take that hit and try on yourself, it will be much more correct if you understand the principle of any diet, and then you can easily adjust your body weight.

The golden rule for losing weight – you consume less calories than you waste. This is the principle that should be the basis for a proper, healthy diet, and do not forget about a separate, reusable diet, which must be observed absolutely in all diets.

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We start counting the number of calories consumed per day with the calculator, calorie tables for various foodstuffs help us, and so we count the first 5 days, then we add the calories received by day and divide by 5, this will be the average figure of calories consumed per day, the so-called the starting point. Also, do with the calories that were consumed by you during the day, for various types of work activities, see the table of calorie costs.

Below, we will focus on three types of diets, which are often used by professional athletes.

Review of popular diets for drying muscles

Do not use them on an ongoing basis in your diet.

Low-Carb Diet

Your food should be qualitative and balanced, you get carbohydrates practically only from rice, buckwheat, macaroni and vegetables, that is, only complex. Fats are consumed at a minimum, the protein uses an animal, that is cottage cheese, eggs, beef, chicken, protein and so on.

A normal, controlled drying process is always gradual in nature, in other words, the excess weight loss should not be more than 1 kg per week, 2-5 kg ​​already a lot, adjust your diet, increase the total amount of calories consumed, if the weight starts to go away quickly, otherwise the body can turn on self-defense, and begin to postpone fat, and vice versa, if the weight remains at the same place, gradually reduce the amount of calories.

Complex carbohydrates: pasta, pearl barley, brown rice, cereals, cereals, potatoes, beans
Complex carbohydrates: pasta, pearl barley, brown rice, cereals, cereals, potatoes, beans

Keto diet

Keto diet or high fat diet eliminates the full consumption of carbohydrates. As energy sources, the body begins to use fat. That is, the body does not find carbohydrates begins to use for its energy subcutaneous fat.

But this type of energy source is not suitable for everyone, for example, the brain and the nervous system feed only on carbohydrates; alternatively, ketones can be used, for example fat, in the absence of carbohydrates it starts, is split up to fatty acids and ketones (acetone), and this in turn will lead to acidification of blood.

In the totals, this diet includes 60-70 fat and 30-40% protein and no carbohydrates, in other words, you consume a lot of fat, and all this is seized with protein.

A really effective diet, but as you understand the stomach is a heavy load, despite the fact that the body will eventually switch from carbohydrates to fat as an alternative source of energy. Therefore, if you are a novice experimenter, then you should not use this diet, it is better to start with a low-carb diet.

How does the keto diet work?
How does the keto diet work?

Cyclic diet

The essence of this diet is that you, the first 3-5 days, sit completely without carbohydrates, and then start to consume sharply in food for 2 days carbohydrates. That is, the so-called roller coaster type 5 + 2 is obtained, until the metabolism slows down for three to five days, you begin to spin it again and again.

The effectiveness of this diet has been tested not once by many bodybuilders in practice, but here there is a nuance.

First, the metabolism of all people is different, someone will have three days and enough to sit on without a carbohydrate diet, due to the fact that it will begin to slow down the metabolism, and for seven days it is normal to sit on the carbohydrates. The second point is the amount of carbohydrate loading, everything is individual here, someone will have enough of carbohydrates to start metabolism, and someone needs to load a lot of carbohydrates, otherwise you can make a mistake and start gaining weight because of stagnant metabolism.

Therefore, this diet is more suitable for professionals who feel their body and understand when and what he needs.

Healthy food, green apple, centimeter tape, salad
Healthy food, green apple, centimeter tape, salad

If you have not decided until now on which diet to sit down, then you definitely should try low-carbohydrate, because this diet has been tested for years and not one hundred athletes. And also do not dry the weight of 60-70 kg, it will be much more correct and effective to podnabrat crude muscle mass, and by its pat dry it.

Try, experiment, find your own, the main thing is not to sit back and wait for the result, and then success is assured to you.