Training at home

Training at home

For one reason or another, many can not, do not have time to visit the gym, so you need to know some information about training at home to lose weight or pump up muscles.

In the modern world, because of work, study, sometimes there is no time to go to the gym, in order to get oneself in good physical shape, to gain muscle tone, to get rid of extra pounds. The solution can be found, in conditions of competent, home training. However, it is not necessary, in such cases to count on a great result, there will be much envy from the inventory and the situation that you yourself will create for training at home.

For example, to pump muscles at home, it will be much harder to increase than endurance, because to build muscle, you need special equipment (barbells, dumbbells, racks, rubber mats).

Push-ups, pull-ups, squats with own weight, will be ineffective for a significant start of protein synthesis, muscle fiber rupture, they are more suitable for improving functionality and increasing muscle endurance, so start to buy dumbbells and a collapsible bar if you decide to pour at home.

Endurance to raise the house, we will be using circular training that does not require any special adaptations, it will be enough to have a free room and a minimum of special devices (skipping rope, bench / bench, crossbeam).

Training for fat burning, at home, refers to endurance training, which due to their high energy costs help to lose excess weight. We also recommend the article: Post-course therapy (PCT).

Back push-ups from a chair at home
Back push-ups from a chair at home

Required inventory for home workouts

If your financial capabilities and the apartment allows you to place and buy training equipment, then, without hesitation, buy and equip the room for training.

The main thing when buying inventory, to know for what purpose it is acquired, from this and push off. In order to inflate, stimulate the growth of muscle mass, you will need:

  • Collapsible rod (for adjusting the working weight in the approaches)
  • The bar stand (for height adjustment, depending on the height and length of your arms)
  • rubber mats (to mitigate the impact of the bar, pancakes from the bar, on the floor)
  • Bench (for bench press / dumbbell bench presses)
  • horizontal bar (for press and pull-ups)

In principle, you, this sports equipment will be enough to conduct fully home-based workouts in the power mode, that is, to build muscle.

To increase stamina (slimming) at home, you need to buy at a sports store :

  • grasshopper
  • treadmill / exercise bike (optional, but desirable)
  • bench (for jumping and back push-ups)
  • medball (for jumping up)

In addition, to regulate your weight, you can buy more floor scales, so you can visually see your result from training (weigh in always at the same time and without clothes, every week). Also, do not forget that in addition to the scales, there is also a mirror that will never deceive you, and will prompt you in what direction you are moving.

The girl crouches with a bar at home
The girl crouches with a bar at home

How to get pumped at home

Pumping muscles at home is real. For example, the latissimus muscles of the back can be quite decently increased, with the help of some pull-ups, and the triceps, by one reverse push-ups from the bench, but this will certainly not be the result you would achieve with the simulator and the bar, especially quadriceps, buttocks, pectoral muscles.

By virtue of the modesty of the equipment, the emphasis will be on basic exercises, because they are the impetus for stimulating muscle growth.

Home exercise program for muscle growth

This training program implies a minimum of special equipment at home, without which strength training for the purpose of substantial muscle growth is simply impossible.

The guy performs a concentrated lifting of the dumbbells on the biceps at home
The guy performs a concentrated lifting of the dumbbells on the biceps at home
How to pump up muscles at home


  • Squats with a bar (4×8) – 75%
  • The bench press lying (3х10) – 65%
  • French barbell press (4×8) – 75%
  • Biceps with a bar (straight bar) (3х10) – 65%
  • Twisting on the press (2×50)


  • The deadlift (5×6) is 80%
  • Press bar with a narrow grip (3х10) – 65%
  • Pull-ups, if you can, use additional weight, weighting (3х10)
  • Lifting the legs in the vise (3×12)


  • Squats with a bar (3х10) – 65%
  • The bench press lying (4х8) – 75%
  • Push-ups on uneven bars, with weights (4×8)
  • Concentrated lifting dumbbells to the biceps (4×8)
  • The rise of the knees in the vise (4×8)

The first figure approaches, the second is the repetition. In %, the working weight from the maximum 100% (weight, which you can do for one repetition) is indicated.

Home exercise program without iron

If your finances and capabilities do not allow you to buy special equipment, then your approximate set of exercises at home for muscle growth will look like this (of course, you can not pump muscle with such equipment, but here’s the tone to bring the body quite realistically):


  • Push-ups, a wide spread of hands, to work out the breast (4×20)
  • Push-ups, with a narrow setting of hands, for triceps (3×30)
  • Squats without burdening (3×30)
  • Pulling up a wide grip (4×8)
  • Twisting (2×50)


  • Push-ups, a wide spread of hands (3×30)
  • Push-ups from the bench (4х15)
  • Escaping upwards, with a medbol (4х12)
  • Lifting a loaded bag of sand onto the biceps, simulating the alternating lifting of dumbbells (3×10)
  • Back curling (4×15)


  • Push-ups with a wide grip, with weights on the back (3×10)
  • Squats with weights on the shoulders (for example, 30 kg of healthball) (4х15)
  • Pulling up a narrow grip (4×12)
  • Twisting (2×50)

Pay attention, this training complex implies work exclusively with own weight (almost), which is ineffective, for anaerobic, strength training, muscle growth, rather it will be more suitable for muscle endurance. Therefore, do not believe in any super techniques that promise to exclusively build muscle with your own weight, because in principle it is impossible to create a bodybuilder body at home (there is not enough force to tear muscle fibers to the right extent).

Athlete performs lifting at the crossbar
Athlete performs lifting at the crossbar

Endurance training at home

The best workout of the house for endurance, when it is built on the principle of circular training, that is, you perform a large number of exercises with a little rest, each list of exercises is divided into so-called series, the main rest will be rest between series that last on average 2-3 minutes.

One series includes the following exercises:

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Running on site or on an exercise bike (treadmill)
  • An exercise strap
  • Jumping rope
  • Pull-ups (if you can not, use the help of a partner or replace with push-ups)

These exercises are performed for 30 seconds, followed by a 10-15 second rest, and the transition to a new exercise, when you finish the last exercise, you should rest for 2-3 minutes, and start a new series. Such series, for one training, should be at least 3-4.

Girl actively jumping rope
Girl actively jumping rope

The program of training for losing weight at home

Only aerobic training (energy obtained by oxidizing glucose and fat with oxygen) will cause calories to burn. Therefore, at home, we will use in our training program jumping, jumping rope, running, exercise bike.


  • Jumping on the rope 10 approaches for 2 minutes (90 pulse per minute), rest between sets of 1 minute
  • Running in place (10-15 minutes)
  • Jumping out with a 4×15 medallion (rest between sets of 1.5 minutes)


  • Jumping on the rope 5 approaches for 1 minute (pulse 150-160 beats per minute), rest between sets of 1 minute
  • Exercise bike, 10-15 minutes at a calm pace
  • The emphasis is sitting and resting lying 4х20 (rest between sets of 1.5 minutes)


  • Jumping on the rope 8 approaches for 90 seconds (pulse 130-140 beat / min), rest between sets of 1 minute
  • Running track or running on the spot, 15-20 minutes
  • Air squats (without weight) 4×50, with a rest of 90 seconds between the approaches

The main rule of weight loss of any training program and diet, to make your body lack calories in the body, only in such conditions is the process of fat burning possible, due to a low calorie diet and energy-consuming aerobic exercise.

Without proper nutrition for weight loss, no training program will work, either at home or in the gym. Therefore, first of all, change your diet, get rid of harmful foods, tras fat, saturated fatty acids (margarine, fast food, chips, crackers, sauces, mayonnaise), fast carbohydrates(foods with high GI).

Slim, athletic girl stretches at home
Slim, athletic girl stretches at home

Use more protein (milk, cottage cheese, cheese, fish, eggs, seafood, chicken, protein), complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, butter, cereals, whole grain bread, potatoes, fruit with GI up to 60), and not saturated fatty acids (fish, vegetable oils, nuts, avocados, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, flax).

How to train at home: useful tips

  1. It is possible to pump muscles only when the muscle fiber breaks, and then it is restored. For damage to muscle fibers, use weights (barbells and dumbbells), in turn squats, and push-ups with their own weight, can not provoke the growth of muscle mass, due to the insignificance of microtraumatic muscles.
  2. In order to increase muscle endurance, the cardiovascular system has strengthened, it is necessary to occupy regularly, for a long time (at least 2-3 months), on the pulse 85% of the maximum, not higher!
  3. When performing exercises, always follow the correct technique, so as not to damage joints, ligaments, and load working muscles in full.
  4. Exercise for weight loss, it will be meaningless, if you wake up badly, how to eat, read in a separate article how to eat properly to lose weight.
A blue towel, a bottle of clean water, an apple, a centimeter tape
A blue towel, a bottle of clean water, an apple, a centimeter tape

Pumping muscles, and lose weight at home, perhaps if you take into account all of the above recommendations, observe the correct technique of exercises, monitor the diet, adequately select the working weight in the exercises.

And also, do not forget that without believing in yourself, in your success, it will be very difficult for you to achieve a significant result not only in sports, in the progress of muscle growth or weight loss, but in any other matters that require persistence from a person, perseverance, patience and knowledge.